NRG LEX V2 – System Control Module


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The NRG LEX System Control Module is a pre-configured electrical wiring centre for controlling boilers & heating zones which allows for rapid system construction, total flexibility, complete reliability and reduces installation time & costs in any new-build or retrofit central heating project.

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The NRG Lex System Control Module eliminated the tedious and complex wiring tasks associated with a modern central heating system. The module links all electrical components together in a simple and efficient way.

The control module can by default manage 4 independent time and temperature-controlled zones. When a zone’s clock and thermostat tells it to turn on, the control module will activate a heating appliance, and energise a circulation pump or turn a motorized valve.

There are two boiler control systems in the NRG Lex, each with a 3A fuse and a volt-free switch. There are also two auxiliary relays, each with normally-open (NO) and normally-closed(NC) contacts. The auxiliary relays can be used for many different functions. One of these functions is to interconnect an open and a sealed system using the NRG Link. When doing this the NRG Lex is able to prioritize a solid fuel input, keeping the oil or gas boiler from firing if the stove is supplying enough heat to the system. This will save energy and reduce CO2 emissions if the stove runs on biomass (wood).

Another function on the NRG Lex is the frost thermostat input. The purpose of this function is to turn on the boilers if the ambient temperature gets dangerously low to prevent any damage to the system. The frost thermostat input can also be used to join multiple boards for projects with 5 or more zones.


Operating Voltage 230V AC 50Hz
Mains Power Supply Fuse 5A
Time and Temperature Controlled Zones 4
Circulating Pump or Mechanical Valve Supplies 4
Boiler Fuse 2x3A
Boiler Control relays 2
Clock Power Fuse 3A
Zone Fuse 4x1A
Auxiliary Relay Contacts 2 Normally-Open (NO)
2 Normally-Closed (NC)
Auxiliary Inputs 4
Frost Thermostat Input 1
Enclosure Rating IP20
LED indicators Built-in LEDs for boiler or zone indication or fault-finding functions

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