Advanced Energy Efficient System Designs

Here are our core products. The ones that made our company a leading brand in the heating and ventilation industry.

NRG Zone


The NRG ZONE is one of the most innovative products to appear in the heating sector for many years. At first glance the unit looks like many other manifold type products that already exist in the marketplace and may seem to act simply as a form of extended low loss header but that is certainly not the case.

The patented design builds upon well proven and effective design methodologies from the heating industry. It improves system efficiencies, reliability, safety as well as reducing installation cost and saving space.

NRG Lex 2

The NRG LEX is a pre-configured electrical wiring centre for controlling multiple heat generating appliances in conjunction with multiple heating/hot water zones allowing for rapid system construction, total flexibility and complete reliability.

The NRG-LEX SYSTEM CONTROL MODULE eliminates the tedious and complex wiring tasks associated with a modern central heating system. The module links all the electrical components in a simple and efficient way.

NRG Lex 3


The NRG LEX v3 is a pre-configured advanced electrical wiring center for single or multiple heating appliances and hybrid systems.
Simple connection to pump or valve-based systems.
When paired with the Hybrid Control Module (HCM), the NRG Lex v3 works as a hybrid system with a boiler and a heat pump. The heat pump will be the primary heat source, only using the second boiler when necessary.
NRG Lex v3 hybrid option enables heat generators to complement each other, allowing each to optimise system efficiencies within their strengths, making your heat generation exceptionally dependable and cost-effective.

NRG Link

NRG Link is the only procurable Sealed to Open System Interlinking device that complies with all regulations and guidelines to interlink solid fuel open and sealed heating systems in a very safe and efficient way.

The NRG Link allows for a solid fuel central heating cooker or stove to be linked to a sealed heating system in retrofit or new-build situations. It includes for an open gravity circuit with standard safety facilities such as an open vent and cold feed facility that must be connected to a heat leak medium to comply with all manufacturers guidelines and regulatory conditions.

Muonio UV-L 110


Air purification and disinfection: Safe, efficient and residue-free. The powerful Muonio UV-L 110 works to ensure a germ-free, clean air at your workplace or in your home. Viruses (including coronaviruses), bacteria and fungi are deactivated without leaving any residue.

Muonio UV-O 110

Muonio UV-O is an UV-C disinfection unit for surface disinfection. It effectively eliminates all types of Viruses, Bacteria & Fungi including SARS, Coronaviruses and mould..

NRG Eco Plus


The NRG Eco Plus is an impressive, prefabricated heating system that offers comprehensive solutions in a compact and neat package. One of its most striking features is the ability for appliances to connect from either side, while the system pipework can run upwards, downwards, and to the right and left. Proper planning makes the resulting systems look fantastic and leaves a lasting impression of quality on customers.

Built with accumulated know-how that has grown from years of experience, research, and development, NRG Awareness EcoPlus utilises exclusive patented technology to enhance energy-efficient and dependable heating system designs and installations.

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