NRG LEX V3 – System Control Module with Hybrid Control Module


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The NRG LEX v3 System Control Module is a pre-configured electrical wiring centre for controlling boilers & heating zones which allows for rapid system construction, total flexibility, complete reliability and reduces installation time & costs in any new-build or retrofit central heating project. With the Hybrid Control Module attached, the NRG Lex v3 allows for easy control of a hybrid system where there is a heat pump and a boiler.

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The NRG LEX v3 is a pre-configured advanced electrical wiring center for single or multiple heating appliances and hybrid systems. Simple connection to pump or valve-based systems.

When paired with the Hybrid Control Module (HCM), the NRG Lex v3 works as a hybrid system with a boiler and a heat pump. The heat pump will be the primary heat source, only using the second boiler when necessary.

NRG Lex v3 hybrid option enables heat generators to complement each other, allowing each to optimize system efficiencies within their strengths, making your heat generation exceptionally dependable and cost-effective.


Fused Power Supply: The NRG Lex v3 features a 6.3 A fused power supply with a voltage of 230 V~, compatible with both 50 Hz and 60 Hz frequencies, operating on a single-phase.
Zone Control: The unit has 4 separate zones with individual fused connections (1 A) for time and temperature controls. This enables precise control over different areas within the heating system.
Boiler Power Supplies: The unit offers 2 fused power supplies (3 A each) specifically designed for boilers, providing reliable power for heating equipment.
Auxiliary Provision: The NRG Lex v3 is equipped with an auxiliary provision that includes 4 isolated inputs and 2 isolated relay outputs (C, NO, NC). This allows for more complex control scenarios and integration with other systems.
Hybrid System Support: A Hybrid Control Module (HCM) can be connected directly to the NRG Lex v3. When connected, the NRG Lex v3 can control a heat pump independently from the boiler(s), creating a hybrid system.
Relay Operation Testing: The unit includes an onboard facility to test relay operations. This is a useful feature for maintenance and troubleshooting.
Zone Control Connections: The NRG Lex v3 four zone blocks with terminals for clocks, programmers, thermostats and motorized zone valves or zone pumps.
Boiler Control Circuits: There are 2 boiler control circuits both are usable for either switch-live or voltage-free controls. This provides flexibility in connection the unit to various types of boiler..
LED Indications: The unit features LED indicators that show the status of zones, boiler calls, and auxiliary operations. This makes it easy to monitor the system’s operation.
Frost Input: An optional frost input can be used to trigger a boiler call when frost protection is required, ensuring the heating system responds appropriately to temperature changes.
Easy Connections: The NRG Lex v3 comes with Push-Open connections that are suitable for 0.5 to 1.5 mm2 cable sizes. This simplifies the installation process.
Scalability: The unit is designed to be scalable, allowing multiple NRG Lex units to be interconnected within a single heating system.



Zoned Heating Control: The NRG Lex v3 allows for efficient control of different zones, ensuring that each area receives the desired heating level without wasting energy.
Energy Efficiency: The hybrid control module support and heat pump prioritisation contribute to increased energy efficiency and lower utility bills.
Customisable Control: The unit’s various inputs, outputs, and testing facilities provide customisation options for complex heating control scenarios.
Easy Installation: The Push-Open connections and clear LED indicators make installation and setup easier for installers.
Flexibility: With different boiler firing control options and zone configurations, the NRG Lex v3 can adapt to various heating system setups.
Reliability: The fused power supplies, auxiliary provisions, and relay testing features ensure a reliable and stable operation of the heating system.
Scalability: The scalability feature enables the expansion of the heating system while maintaining centralised control. This is particularly beneficial for larger installations.
Advanced Control: The unit’s ability to manage pumps, valves, and other auxiliary components enhances the overall control and performance of the heating system.
Maintenance and Troubleshooting: The relay testing and override capabilities simplify maintenance tasks and help in identifying issues quickly.
Enhanced Safety: Fused power supplies and isolated inputs/outputs contribute to system safety by preventing potential electrical issues.


Operating Voltage 230V AC 50Hz
Mains Power Supply Fuse 6.3A
Time and Temperature Controlled Zones 4
Circulating Pump or Mechanical Valve Supplies 4
Boiler Fuse 2x3A
Boiler Control relays 2
Clock Power Fuse 3A
Zone Fuse 4x1A
Auxiliary Relay Contacts 2 Normally-Open (NO)
2 Normally-Closed (NC)
Auxiliary Inputs 4
Frost Thermostat Input 1
Enclosure Rating IP20
LED indicators Built-in LEDs for boiler or zone indication or fault-finding functions

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